What is Second Base? A modern publishing tool, with great interface, efficient environment for developers and unique business model.

Intuitive and clear

Second Base is a modern publishing tool that saves time and money for both editors and developers. The graphical interface is intuitive and helps an editor to get started with pages and content instantly, without prior knowledge.

Even a developer can save hours, maybe days, using the tool's smart features, such as our visual management of templates and fields, but also our Scritto interface, which saves time by replacing both database connections and php-code with simple tags.

Floating on clouds

Second Base is a cloud based tool, which means not only that you can use Second Base from any computer in the world, you also have access to the latest version. As a customer, you also have the opportunity to use Second Cloud, our cloud service, which at a low cost offers constant and fast access to both databases and files.

Optimize optimally

Optimizing a website for search engines is mostly a job for editors, those responsible for the content (no matter what dubious seo-companies are claiming). Therefore, we think that the editors also should have the control over the information that only search engines can see, such as titles, descriptions and keywords. Second Base makes this very easy.

Discover how Second Base can help

Choose your role below to find out how Second Base can save time and headache for you, whether you are an editor or a developer. Or discover our unique and honest business model that also saves money.

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