Dynamics in no time

For Developers. Second Base offers visual management of templates and fields, which together with Scritto create unlimited possibilities. A developer's dream, simply.

For a developer, Second Base can be compared with a box of building blocks; You can build what you want, how you want and there are always several solutions to every challenge. Second Base does not limit your ideas and does not make any demands on your html-code.

Page Manager (templates 1)

Simple and flexible

You create templates in Second Base with a flexible graphical interface, by adding different types of fields that an editor later can work against, so that a template corresponds to the content of the desired html-page. With any other publishing tool, the next step would be to create database connections and start writing php, for example. But Second Base can do better than that.

Skip database connections and php

Converting html-code into dynamic web can be done in record time, even by a frontend-developer, mainly thanks to our Scritto interface, which serves as a provider of information contained in the Second Base. Our own script language, Scritto Script, for example, replaces both php-code and database connections with simple tags, and facilitates many of the most common needs, such as publishing texts, images, lists and navigation.

Powerful in all its simplicity

Second Base is developed with modern needs and challenges in mind, and therefore contains meny smart features that all aim at simplifying time-consuming operations and reducing headaches. Below we present some of the strengths of the tool.

New project in a minute

Creating a new project is easy. Just enter your ftp- and database-information and Second Base automatically resolves the rest.

Visual templates

Create easy-to-use templates, tailored to your site's needs, through a simple graphic interface.

Develop in record time

A frontend-developer can independently convert html to dynamic web in record time thanks to Scritto Script that replaces both php and database connections.

Build as you like

Second Base makes no demands on your html-code, so you can continue to develop as you always have.

A real teamplayer

Adding pages with, for example php, as a complement to our own Scritto interface, is no problem. Second Base has no problem with your own solutions.

Let the information float freely

In our cloud service, Second Cloud, there is always room for both files and databases, for fast and flexible access.

Functionality on the bulk

By supplementing your subscription with one of our optional modules, you can get even more from Second Base.

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