Elegant, intelligent and intuitive

For Editors. Second Base is an alternative to all the inflexible tools from developers who let technology go before ease of use.

To ask a developer to create something that will be used by writers, informers and creators are of course fundamentally wrong. That is why we have created Second Base, for that target audience which we call "editors", a publishing tool for people who work with content rather than code and technology.

Intuitive with focus on content

Second Base is one of the few real publishing tools and our graphical interface is intuitive and helps you get started right away; Create pages and fill the site with relevant content without any training or without having to work with either code or other technical hassles.

All content is edited by simple forms, for example headings, texts and images, depending on which template the current page is based on. An editor can quickly publish or edit the content of the pages, without worrying about either code or appearance. You can always keep your focus on the actual content.

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A sturdy toolbox

Second Base is a bursting toolbox of features that together create a flexible tool. Our ambition is that every feature should behave as the user expects them to, making Second Base unique, believe it or not. The tool is hard to explain in words and must be experienced, so do not hesitate to contact one of our resellers for a demonstration.

Below is just a couple of all the smart features and benefits of Second Base.

Up in the blue

Second Base is a cloud-based tool, which means constant access to the latest version from any computer in the world, without any installation.

Intuitive interface

Our graphical interface even helps an editor with little knowledge of the internet to quickly start filling the site with content.

Distinct structure

Pages and files are always presented hierarchically, which makes it easy to keep track of the site's structure.

Optimize optimally

Optimizing a website for search engines is an easy match with Second Base, even for the less technically interested.

Size do mather

When an editor publish uploaded images, Second Base scales and crops the image, automatically, when necessary.

Financial reports

Import files from Excel and publish nice financial tables directly on the web, with just a few clicks.

Functionality on the bulk

By supplementing your subscription with one of our optional modules, you can get even more from Second Base.

Read more about our modules